The study of Biology provides students with opportunities to develop an understanding of our living world. Knowledge is based on experimental results and accurate observations, which are gained by variety of experiences. Thus, role of laboratory and filed learning becomes a key component in understanding biology.

With this objective our Biology lab is well equipped with highly advanced microscopes, for better results. Varieties of permanent slides are easily accessible to children.


SFS Seraikella  has a spacious and very well ventilated Chemistry Lab.  The lab has two rooms;  One is for performing the experiments and the other one is used as store room.  The work space is in the form of slabs with their individual connection of burner, sinks with taps, individual chemical and reagent racks. List of experiments along with working instructions/ precautions are well placed in the lab. Lab has fire alarms, fire extinguisher and a good medical aid in case of injuries and accidents.


To study and understand the dynamic of Physics subject, practical knowledge of the different phenomena is as important as the theoretical knowledge. Keeping this in mind, we maintain one of the most well equipped Physics Lab which is a hub of modern scientific facilities, combined with the expertise and knowledge of our staff.

Following the ICSE Curriculum, our lab provides the perfect environment to conduct all of experiments in all the domains. It has a provision of large no of experimental setups on different varieties of fields of Physics.


Computer Education: To keep pace with the advance technology, a separate room for computer has been provided. Multimedia based computer training appropriate with the age of the student is imparted in order to develop his/her interest in this fabulous technology. The school insists on making use of computers as application tool. Children learn to make use of computers to do their artwork, homework, making cartoon, film, banners etc. in future.

Computer Lab Department has one well-maintained laboratory consisting of 34 computers with coloured monitor and installed softwares as per the ICSE curriculum.

Students take full advantage of computer labs in enhancing their knowledge and preparing various projects in academics and general education.


The School Library offers range of Resources to the students.  It has a spacious reading room and it provides open access to its users. These resources are provided to cater the specific academic needs of the students.  The Library has a well selected collection of Books, Journals, Periodicals and Newspapers.  Encyclopedia’s, journals, reference books and fiction is made available to all students. New additions are constantly made in order to keep the library abreast of the latest.

It has rich collection to strengthen the undergoing courses in school.  Books related to different major disciplines are also available in the Library.